Educating Users In Westchester: How Many Network IP Addresses are there?

Educating Users In Westchester: How Many Network IP Addresses are there? It’s very frustrating to see a user that tries to connect from home to the company’s network but he can’t. Let’s find out what went wrong with this user who has been living in Westchester for a while then he brought the corporate equipment with him in a country located outside of the US. The help desk in Westchester set up his desktop and laptop in the office, installed the corporate software and tested all the connectivity after having installed all the Windows and Office updates. The user went back home in the US and had no issue in connectig to the Internet and accessing the corporate resources. His Internet speed in the US was 200 Mega download and upload which was enough to let him have a steady connection and work with no issues.   What Are the Network Issues the User is Experiencing?   1- The user cannot connect to the corporate network after he moved outside the US. 2- The company’s firewall did not block the country where the user went to live 3- The help desk can remote in into his machine with no issues and can access other websites but cannot connect to the website of the company he works for.   If You Need Network Support Contact Sandanotech In general terms, even if a user moves out of the country where he works, it does not mean that the network he connects from is different from the ones his company uses in the US. Home routers are almost the same in every part of the world. Every home router has a DHCP server that assigns IP addresses to the devices connected to it. Furthermore, all home routers translate the private IP addresses which usually are 192.168.X.X into a public IP address through a feature called NAT (Network Address Translation). NAT converts the private addresses into one unique public IP address that changes periodically because ISP setup home connections to have a dynamic public IP. On the other hand, companies prefer to pay for a static public IP addresses because they have servers and other resources employees remote into that allow to use always the same static public IP.   So what happened to this person who all of a sudden he could not connect from home is that his ISP removed the NAT feature from the router he was using and his private address was not allowed to connect to the company network because the company does not allow private addresses to access its resources. He called his Internet Service Provider to find out why that happened bu he will get a response one day or another. We had to explain to him in plain English and without too many technical terms that his IP belonged to a private class of IP that cannot be converted to a public IP and that, as per company policy, cannot be whitelisted in the firewall. For the sake of informing our readers, private IP ranges are the following: Class A. Ranging from to, it is for large networks and has 8 bits for the network and 24 for hosts.Class B. Ranging from to, it is used for medium networks and has 16 bits for the network and 16 for hosts.Class C. Ranging from to, it is for smaller networks and has 24 bits for the network and 8 for hosts. Therefore, because the user had one of these private IPs, he was unable to access the company resources although he could access the Internet and other websites. I guess the ISP removed the NAT feature believing that home users just use the Internet and do not access VPN or other resources remotely. In any event, after having analyzed the event logs on his computer, we saw that the connection to the corporate network was refused because his private IP address was not allowed by the company’s policy.

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Read the FAQ About Our Computer Network Support Services in Westchester NY

Read the FAQ About Our Computer Network Support Services in Westchester NY When we talk about support in the IT world, the term may mean many things. Its broad term may mean providing assistance to users and companies. Users can be supported remotely and in person, companies require more resources on site and remotely as well. Usually a team is the one that is required as team effort to support a medium large business.  In providing services, IT companies accomplish several functions: The more they assist, the more they blend with the business, alsmost becoming an extension of the business itself. The more users are helped, the least amount of downtime the company has and the business can continue to operate. Our Frequently Answered Questions aim at clarifying what we do internally and the form of support we provide for small and medium sized business in Westchester. Here are some examples: 1- What are the most common network issues that users face? Users often encounter issues such as slow internet speeds, connectivity disruptions, and hardware malfunctions. These common problems can impact productivity and hinder daily tasks. 2- What is the geographical spectrum of Sandanotech computer support? Sandanotech does not only provide computer and network services in Westchester county NY but also in new York State, Connecticut and New Jersey. 3- Do we offer networking services tailored to customers’ needs? Yes we do. We offer IT services after having listened to the needs of our potential clients. We proactively engage in proposals only after we have analyzed the needs of the companies we are interacting with. 4- Does Sandanotech offer VOIP Phone services? Yes, we do offer this service although it’s not a direct service we provide. IT nowadays has to include VOIP services and that service can be a direct service or managed through another provider. As long as the business does not have to go through the hoops of various services, our clients are covered with us. 5- Do we offer computer services only locally or to a braoder geographical area? Sandanotech is an IT company that provides networking services in Westchester county primarily but we are constantly expanding in new areas that are in Connecticut and in the tri state area. 6-Does Sandanotech enhance system performance? We don’t make computers run faster although we build them super fast if that is what our clients want from our services. However, our IT Tech support optimizes system performance through proactive maintenance, regular check-ups, and tailored solutions. 7- How large is cybersecurity’s role in the services you offer? Cyber has become one of the pillars of our services, because a company left to vulnerability will not be able to operate properly and cannot continue to be our client if it’s infected by ransomware for IT negligence. Users’ education is a very important service we offer in our packages and we rely on that to continue to build upon a future where all users are well protected and shielded against cyber intrusions and social engineering. 8-How much of cloud infrastructure is included in your services? Cloud services are like cybersecurity services: they are intertwined as cyber relies on the cloud to analyze data and restore networks after ransomware or failure. Cloud has also to do with disaster recovery because companies more and more need redundant and scalable services to continue their operations. 9- Do you Offer Backup Services ? Our IT company offers several backup solutions on the premises and in the cloud. Please contact our office to learn more about our tailored IT support services in Westchester NY

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Can Tech Support Help Westchester Businesses During Weekends?

Can Tech Support Help Westchester Businesses During Weekends? There are pros and cons in supporting customers during weekends: businesses can run 24 hours and may need tech help during weekends when computer repairs are needed or server patches have to go through. It’s in the normal course of events if IT technicians are called to perform tasks during holidays to keep up with business continuity and mainstream operations. A computer network runs 24 hours 365 days a year and the cost of being in business demands that critical services are always up and running. The Importance of Regular Computer Maintenance Understanding why your computer needs regular attention sets the stage for a stress-free digital experience. All digital users should understand the significance of routine computer maintenance to keep your Sundays smooth.In other words, users education is one of the main pillars in the IT world and is often overlooked by IT people and by businesses who don’t care about knowing why their machines behave a certain way versus another. Need Tech Support in Westchester? If you are a Westchester home user, you can perform DIY computer repairs during weekends but if you are a small business user you should contact tech support for assistance. Contact Sandanotech Common Sunday Computer Woes Sundays are meant for relaxation, not wrestling with technology. It’s a good practice to study during a weekend typical computer issues that might disrupt your laid-back weekend and how to tackle them.   DIY Tips for Basic Computer Repairs Embarking on the journey of becoming your computer’s own superhero should not be stressful, but you may want to search online for effective DIY tips for addressing common issues without breaking a sweat. Restarting: The Magic Fix Discover the power of the restart button and how it can miraculously resolve many of your computer’s quirks. If you have sessions that are stuck and the task manager does not work, the power button is the last resource and can reset all the processes and services that were running. Decluttering Your Digital Space A cluttered digital space can slow down your computer. Learn how to declutter and organize your files for a smoother experience. Remove unnecessary programs and go to the startup menu to turn off programs that run at the startup. Dealing with Software Glitches Software issues can be Sunday spoilers. Software glitches can provide insights on updates and dealing with the notorious malware. Computer errors are very common and range from Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to errors related to single applications. Updates: Friend or Foe? Are software updates really necessary? We unravel the mystery behind updates and why they play a crucial role in your computer’s well-being.Updates are necessary on workstations that belong to a business environment. For servers, updates should run once a month and should be tested first in a test or a QA environment. The Troublesome Malware Identifying and dealing with malware: a guide for the non-tech-savvy. Protect your computer from digital invaders. Never leave a computer with no antivirus. If you use a paid antivirus, make sure that your subscription is active. If you use Windows defender, which is the built in antivirus from Microsoft, make sure that you select which folders to protect from ransomware. What to Do When Your Screen Goes Blank A blank screen doesn’t have to be a panic-inducing moment. It can be caused by the monitors turned off, by Bitlocker in a business environment, or by the selection of the input in the monitors menu.   Keyboard Nightmares and Solutions Unresponsive keys or sticky keyboards? We do not recommend using a wireless keyboard and mouse because of the lag when typing and operating the mouse and the need to replace periodically batteries.   Seeking Professional Help: Signs and Signals Sometimes, DIY won’t cut it. When you are unable to operate the computer or you are stuck in operating a program, you may want to seek for professional help. Do not ruin your weekend in Westchester county if a tech support can solve the issues of your computer for you. When to Know It’s Beyond Your Expertise Acceptance is the first step. Learn when to throw in the towel and seek the expertise of professionals.I have clients who work during the weekend and try to save money troubleshooting their computers but whern they are unable to fix the problem, they call me and I always appreciate that they did it because if you become stubborn and want to fix things at all cost, you can make things worse and compromise your system. How to Choose the Right Repair Service Not all IT Services in Westchester are created equal. What business should do is to look for a reliable computer company that is a local business in Westchester county and New York. Preventive Measures for Future Sundays Prevention is better than cure. If a Sunday turns out to be a lot of computer work to fix a problem, listen to a tech blueprint who can guide you through a regular maintenance process. Computers are like cars and need regular maintenance and replacements after several years of usage. Backing Up Your Digital Life The importance of regular backups and how they can save you from potential data disasters. As a matter of fact, there are so many cloud services out there that not backing up files to a cloud service is a very risky operation that can cost users and businesses money.   Investing in Quality Surge Protectors Power surges can wreak havoc on your computer. Investing in quality surge protectors is a wise decision.The US has around 1,5 millions of lightnings every year and homes are struck by high voltage thunders. As a result, computers may stop working after a storm because the power supply is broken.However, as a storm approaches and you are working from home, we highly recommend to stop working, save all your files, shut down your pc or laptop and unplug the power cord from the wall. Working

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My Most Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading your Small Business Network

My Most Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading your Small Business Network A recent inquiry from a Westchester resident who became client of mine, made me better understand that it can be helpful to the viewers of my website if I can describe not only the IT work I have done for him but also the benefits and the steps required for upgrading a home or a small business network. First of all, IT support does not only mean supporting users in their software or hardware needs but it also requires a specific knowledge of how networks work. As a matter of fact, networking is that invisible element of Information Technology that deals with the connection of all the devices to the local area network (LAN) and to the Internet. Networking also refers to the shared resources and devices that are hooked up to the same or other networks. Why then people or IT consultants decide to upgrade a network? Also, what does it mean “upgrading a network”? Are the requirements for upgrading the same for each business or do they depend on geolocations and vary if users are in Westchester county, Connecticut or New Jersey? The main reasons why networks are upgraded can be several and I can list them here: 1- Users in the same network need more Internet speed; 2- Users need faster WIFI coverage and speed; 3- Users need to share files and folders more quickly within the same network (LAN); 4- Business owners can decide to convert a home network into a small business network and hire more employees, which means more computers, printers and smartphones will share the same network resources. A friend of mine decided to open his own business at home, hired more people and quit a job that forced him to commute to work every day. Answering the second question means that we all have to agree on the meaning of the expression “Upgrading a Network”. Upgrading a network can mean two things: 1- Upgrading the Internet speed: more Internet speed is required if the house is larger than 2,500 square feet and there are more than 7 people and devices connected to the network. in a previous post, I have described how to check for wifi deadspots in your house. In this case, after having upgraded the Internet speed, it would be enough to get the most up to date version of the WIFI 6 router your ISP has. 2- Upgrading all the network devices in your network to 10 GB LAN speed which has nothing to do with the Internet speed. A 10 GB network is necessary, if devices share multiple files and folders and servers need to serve files and folders to workstations located in the same local area network. Usually no IT support is needed for upgrading Internet speed, but experience in the IT field is required to setup a 10 GB network. The project I took up for my client was the upgrade of the internal network to 10 GB speed because his main goal is to share files and folders within the same network as fast as possible. As of this article, 8 ports 10 GB RJ45 switches are still the most popular. Some may complain about such a short number of ports, but the lack of extra ports is due to the fact that 10 GB networks are still not very popular and that not all the devices need to be hooked to a 10 GB network. For example, if you have 7 workstations and 3 printers, only the workstations have to be plugged in into the 10 GB switch. The printers’ network cards do not support 10 GB network yet. Also, if your business has an on the premises Windows server, the server has to be plugged in to the 10 GB switch, if the server has a 10 GB card. A Network Interface Card with two RJ 45 ports allows to configure the 2 ports in NIC Teaming, that is, if one fails, the other jumps in to continue the job. These type of cards are also very helpful in a server environment: if the server detects the fault condition, the traffic is moved automatically to the second NIC. These cards need to be professionally installed by a computer expert into the motherboard of a desktop computer. Before the installation, the card manufacturers should give you a link to its website to download and install the corresponding drivers. After all the equipment and the network have been upgraded to 10 GB, the rate of transfering files should increase and look like the following picture: You should notice a 30 per cent speed increase. 10 GB network can allow users to send a 20 GB file in under 20 seconds. Another benefit of using a 10 GB network is when a business network uses a Network Attached Storage (NAS) to backup and or restore files from computers. However, not all NASes have 10 GB network cards. If IT technicians cannot replace the nas’ nic with a 10 GB network card, I recommend to install a NVME hard drive for caching purposes in the NAS so that file transfer will accelerate.

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