What Does an IT MSP Do in Westchester County NY?

Information technology IT support has really evolved quite a bit since the 90s because businesses have decided to focus more their core business. For this reason companies who decided to expand their activities have decided to outsource some of the IT support services to other companies who specialize in computer networking and technical support in Westchester.

What does an MSP actually do and how does it help businesses? Ultimately how do you as the MSP business owner make money? An MSP is a high tier IT company that provides remote and onsite services to small and medium businesses located in Westchester county.

A MSP provider takes care of network management and monitoring data and backup, Recovery Security Services cloud services and management help desk and technical support and I.T Consulting and strategic planning.

In addition to the core services there are plenty of other services that can be added by a Managed Service Provider, such as delivery of computer parts or other type of hardware.

A relevant part of service that the IT consultant can offer as a provider is the help desk. Let’s say a consumer can call saying he’s having having computer issues or that the printer is not working my or computer is running slow, the help desk can help solve the issue remotely or in person.

Lately however, the msp has evolved into cloud service provider (CSP) as many companies have been moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

On the users’ side a prime example of the migration to cloud services is the implementation of Office Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. These services eliminate the need of hosting applications and software in local servers and increase redundancy as those applications sit on huge data centers.

Also, MSP rely heavily on remote management and monitoring software rmm; these are tools are provided to help desk support in order to be able to remotely log into your desktop and be able to look at different software or patches software updates that are on a company’s system or be a proactively alerted and monitor issues with your organization.

Generally they provide many other services such as being able to procure new laptops or devices for you or handling your mobile needs. Microsoft Intune is the Mobile Device management interface that handles the setup of mobile devices in a coporate environment.

Backup implementation and engineering is another crucial set of skills that MSP need to have in order to succeed with their clients. MSPs really want to make sure that company’s data doesn’t just exist in one single location that there are multiple copies of data online. Key principle here is that data have integrity data accessibility and confidentiality.

When MSP and CSP negotiate their services with their clients, a good practice would be to draft a SLA, also known as service level agreement. There are many different pricing models that are involved in msps and a very common one is no longer in providing it services on a per project basis which are kind of one time. Nowadays IT consultants in Westchester focus more on a flat rate per device or per user. If for a company the bigger cost is the software, MSP can bundle services together to cut down costs and offer a better service. Contrary to common belief, outsourcing IT services can significantly contribute to cost savings. Managed IT services operate on transparent pricing models, allowing companies to budget effectively while enjoying top-notch IT support.

Build your software package as MSP with your customers’ needs in mind and do not overload their network with software or services he does not need. Listen first and act accordingly. If a company thinks the MSP as a business extension, the benefits will be many: from flexibility, to upgrades and negotiations, all will run smoothly. 

Lastly, as I always have users’s brain and hearts in mind, a factor that I consider in choosing the right provider is the proximity. It is always better to rely and pay for a service that can come on site when needed than outsourcing the IT services far away and only get remote support.