My Name is Stefano Sandano
Let Me Earn your Trust

The Services I Provide

Here is a glimpse of my IT services

Managed IT Services

Offload your IT tasks to us by reducing costs and improve service quality

Network Security

A network that is not safe cannot operate properly. You can rely on us to ensure legitimate access to your systems

Cloud Services

We use the cloud not only as a backup service but to integrate your infrastructure with other resources

My Skills

Here is what I can do for your business network

Microsoft Exchange and Windows Azure

I can secure your business email, and with Azure I can provide a centralized way to authenticate all the devices that interact with the business network

Microsoft Azure
Windows Server and Desktop Support

By managing both servers and desktops, I can provide a smooth integration between front and back end for a better user experience

Windows Server

Avoid downtime in your network by building more redundancy with virtualization

Apple Devices

I can integrate your business network with Apple devices and applications to prevent unauthorized access

Linux Server

Linux servers act quietly in the background to provide functionality to databases and applications


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Sandano Technology Group

5.0Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 41 Google reviews

Eileen Brennan
7 months ago

Stefano is the ultimate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, reliable and trustworthy. He quickly and efficiently resolved my desktop computer and email issues and helped me purchase a new laptop and then installed new programs. In a word, Stefano is phenomenal and I recommend him without any reservation.

Theresa Capellupo
9 months ago

Stefano is extremely knowlegeable, professional and attentive to our IT needs. With any question or service we need, he responds within 24 hours. What he cannot answer right away, he will take the time to research and troubleshoot giving unbiased solutions, always recommending technology that is the best fit, not the most expensive. He is dependable, honest and fair. If I could enter 10 stars in this review, I would.

CY Murray
10 months ago

A friend referred Stefano, and he is a gem. Knowledgeable, kind, and hardworking. He responds immediately, assess the problem and brings any equipment needed. He upgrades, repairs and offers solution to wifi, tv and computer needs. First used to upgrade wifi during covid when everyone working from home, and now he's my go-to for all IT needs.

Rosina Oleotti
2 years ago

I met Stefano one month ago and he helped me to order a brand new computer and set up the new computer. Stefano is very professional and takes his time to answer all of your questions. He is very reliable and prompt. He is very patient and very responsive to answer your phone calls. Stefano spent many hours out of his own personal time to help me to get my computer up and running. If something goes wrong on the same day of his visit, he will even come back to your home the same day to help you and he makes sure to take the time out of his very busy schedule to accommodate you without charging you extra. He takes his time and is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He is a hidden gem in Bronxville and I would recommend him for anyone who needs computer help. He is just a phone call away. Thank you, Stefano for all of your help. I am so happy to have found a new computer technician to help me.

Priscilla Murolo
2 years ago

When my old desktop suddenly gave up the ghost, Stefano came to the rescue that same day and salvaged my files. He also helped us identify best replacement and then set up the new system. What could have been a disaster became a minor inconvenience thanks to this brilliant and generous man.

Pier Cas
2 years ago

Stefano was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. He was able to diagnose my PC issues and resolve them very quickly.

Stefano was so quick to respond and was able to address so many issues in our house from TV's not connecting to the wifi, to Nest cameras, to PC's... he really solved so many long-term problems that others were not able to fix. He was smart, knowledgeable and really easy to work with. Lovely man. I highly recommend!

Kara M
3 years ago

Stefano knows his computers! He helped me organize and simplify my Mac to create space on my hard drive, found a few viruses, and even helped me navigate my iphone better. So nice to have someone come to me in the convenience of my house. Would be great for him to come every month for a tune up and to gain more knowledge about technology. Better than battling crowds in the store! Highly Recommend!

Vincent Emilio
3 years ago

Sometimes the smartest thing to do is recognizing that a task, especially a computer PC to PC migration, is beyond your fair to middling abilities. I was so lucky to come across Mr. Sandano's website and contacted him. I described the task to be done, Windows 7 to Windows 10 conversion and moving my company's entire data base from an old PC to a new and more powerful PC. The task was professionally and impeccably completed in 6 hours over two days. It was then, after watching him making magic, that I realized, the transition done on my own would have been a disaster. He moved all of our document files 10 years worth, all of the applications we use to run our business, including all the business applications we use to control inventory, track sales and create invoices. He used his skills to overcome every obstacle that was put in his way. Very knowledgeable and very personable. Changed what could and very likely would have been a debacle into a great experience. Vincent DB Hydraulic Equipment, MV NY

Manuel Russon
4 years ago

PC Doctor is VERY knowledgeable and is pleasant to work with. Best part is that computer is FIXED !!!! M

Frank Faeth
9 years ago

Stefano has a wonderful and rare combination of skills -- technical, personal, friendly, sharp as a tack, and insightful. I liked the way he treats me as a knowledgeable user and takes my needs into account. He just doesn't make assumptions; rather, he asks and then moves forwards. This set of skills creates a wonderful sense of trust on my part so that I can give him my laptop and not worry about either it not functioning as intended or not being returned when promised. He is really sensational.

Susan Russon
6 years ago

Stefano is an incredible resource for anyone needing computer support. He is able to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, always with a smile. Stefano is a true pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Ray Perez
4 years ago

After realizing a stupid mistake in judgment and allowing strangers access to my computer, I frantically called Stefano for help. It was the first time using Stefanos services and from the first interaction on the phone to him checking my computer, I was very please with his service. I look forward to having his help in the future and would highly recommend his services.

Antonio Bonelli
7 years ago

What should I say? Stefano besides being a computer expert he is a lovely person! He troubleshooted my network and find out wast was wrong. He fixed a couple of machines I owned and everything is now running smoothly. I would highly recommend him and his services.

Fabio Goldoni
10 years ago

Great customer service ! I contacted pc doctor Westchester because my laptop was slow and did not work that well anymore. Stefano fixed it in a few days and explained what needs to be done in the future to prevent more viruses from coming into my network. He helps user understand that computers can last longer as investment if the right care and maintenance are implemented. I highly recommend him

Jane D
9 years ago

Stefano is professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with! He updated my Mac & added memory and saved me from having to buy a new laptop! It's working perfectly, and now I'll get several more years out of it for a fraction of the cost. Thank you!

Deborah Farone
5 years ago

I have worked with hundreds of IT professionals but no one is better than Stefano. He is so incredibly well-informed and knew exactly how to fix my problem. It was effortless and seamless. I can't think of ever trying anyone else. He saved my computer, my memory and was very calm, even when I may not have been. This couldn't have been a better experience.