Troubleshooting a Canon Printer that Won't Scan

Last week I have been contacted by a customer of mine located in Tuckahoe NY because her 7 years old All in One Printer would not scan.

Customer reported that she could print and copy fine but the scanner part of the machine was not working.

I went to her office to conduct troubleshooting and after having done a lot of work, I came to the conclusion that she has to buy a new printer with scanning capabilities or she can get a portable scanner that connects via usb to her computer and can scan her documents without her getting up from her chair to do so.

As the Canon Image Class MF 8580 cdw has a lot of features to look into, I spent a lot of time trying to use its capabilities to solve the problem but I had no luck. This is what I did:

  • I first assessed that the printer for years has been connected to the wifi network of the office;
  • I checked the wifi network of the office and it was working fine with an average speed of 200 Mgbps;
  • I then reset the wifi network in the printer and rejoined the wifi;
  • I applied firmware upgrades to the printer software by connecting my laptop to the printer via USB;
  • After having upgraded the firmware, I hardwired the printer to the network;
  • I logged into the IP address of the printer to set up scanning via network folder and scanning via email. What was strange is that both the printer interface and the printer control panel absorbed the new scanning modes but at the moment of using them, no files were sent to the scan folder of my client’s computer, nor emails were received with the scanned document attached as a pdf;
  • I then uninstalled all the Canon drivers on her machine and installed the ones that allowed her to be connected via USB but via USB only the printer was working and not the scanner software called MX Toolbox made by Canon;
  • What was even more strange is that at the moment of pressing the button to scan to a computer only a computer connected to the wifi in another room was showing up and not her computer that was instead hardwired to the network and much closer to the printer.
  • I even temporarily disabled the Windows firewall to see if the pc would finally show up in the scanner control panel but I had zero success.
  • I also tried to use the Windows Fax and Scanner utility built-in in Windows 10 but somehow the connection could not be established.
  • She also reported that she used to scan to a usb flash drive but then after having tested that function with several flash drives formatted as exFAT and NTFS, in both cases flash drives were picked up by the computers in the office but not by the printer. The error reported was “No media detected”.
  • I finally saw that even if I setup the printer on my laptop, at the moment of scanning to a computer, to a network folder or to an email, the scanner was behaving the same.

Therefore, I have determined that the scanner was faulty and that nothing else could have been done to fix it. My client was with me during the long time I have spent troubleshooting the Canon and was convinced herself that I have done all I could and should do to get the scanner back to work.