The Benefits of Using a Business Email

I have friends in Westchester county who run a business but are still using gmail, aol and hotmail accounts. I do not recommend to use this type of emails for the following reasons:

  • Home email accounts do not look professional: if you run a company and use those type of emails it shows that you are being cheap and do not want to spend money on a domain name.
  • Email accounts that are destined to home users lack the security features of business emails such as anti phishing features.
  • If you run sensitive applications on your machines, having those type of accounts may jeopardize the security of your network.

The cost of running a business entails making good choices such as purchasing a monthly subscription for a domain and a businesses email such as Microsoft Exchange. The reasons why I recommend using Microsoft Exchange and not Google Workspace are several:

  • Having a domain hosted by a good provider such as IONOS will allow to use many of its security features such as a SSL certificate and secure DNS servers;
  • My recommendation, after having purchased a domain, is not to purchase Microsoft 365 products from the domain providers because domain providers charge you more than Microsoft and will give you less security features;
  • Buy Microsoft 365 for Business Premium directly from Microsoft here: the Premium subscription has the advanced threat protection feature that allows users of your business email account to be protected against impersonators who will try to get in into your company’s network;
  • Another important feature of a business email is that from the admin portal, the global administrator can check the login info and location of the user if the email is setup to be the main login account of the computer;
  • The Exchange premium feature allows less hardware overhead and a more flexible file sharing using Microsoft One Drive and Sharepoint. Sharing files and folders in the cloud eliminates the need of using a bare metal Windows Server for file sharing purposes;
  • A home email account does not have the capability of an admin of an Exchange email when creating specific security policies against spam and potential infected attachments.

Lastly, a business email such as Microsoft Exchange is the perfect solution when synchronizing your calendar and contacts to the cloud as Google Workspace very often has issues when used with Microsoft products such as the desktop version of Outlook.