My IT Services

IT consultants often have to wear many hats and possess a wide range of skills to meet the challenges of the tech world. After 25 years of experience in the tech field, I can say that my competences range from hardware, to software and cyber security as well.

  • Computer Services: The computer services I generally offer to home and business users are related to hardware support and replacement. I can diagnose a pc or a laptop that does not turn on anymore and a pc that is on its way out.
  • Users Training: For clients who have joined my IT Services in Westchester and in the tri state area I offer custom training and closed sessions to support software specific requirements and usability issues.
  • IT Consultancy: This is actually the first level of support I can offer when businesses need to leverage information technology to best serve their business needs.
  • Desktop Support Services: Supporting a business with more than 10 users involve a technical effort that can speed up time for a diagnosis, a repair and remediation from malware instances. My desktop support service covers all the technical support aspects related to desktop, laptop, mobile devices and peripherals as well.
  • Support of Business Networks: Business networks need to have the least amount of disruption as possible otherwise they begin losing money: I offer enhancements, redundancy and maintenance of the business equipments.
  • Helpdesk Support Services: If users lose their login passwords or they have connectivity issues or they can’t print, that is what this type of competency is all about, and it’s part of my skills.
  • Web Design: If a company or a small business needs to have a functional and nice website, I can consult users about best platform to use, best web hosting platform and content strategies to be on the top of the search results.
  • WIFI Deployment and Enhancement: Is your wifi weak or unsecure? Consult with me to get the right equipment and set up the right infrastructure in order to avoid Wifi issues from coming back again.
  • Computer Migrations: Migrating computers and servers to meet the new security and operational challenges can be implemented to avoid costs increase and optimize network performance.
  • Custom Computer Builds: Do you need a machine that can fly when you game or do video editing? I can build a computer for you that can stand the test of time and perform flawlessly under the most demanding tasks.
  • Network Security: A network is secure when it offers zero trust. The zero trust policy should be the main commandment of a business that takes security seriously. I offer security audits, patch managements and vulnerability scanning at the highest level including mobile device management (MDM) to those who use mobile devices to conduct business.

IT is not a technical island dissociated from the business itself and business owners should not contact IT consultants only when issues arise or intruders are already in the network. Technology is part of the business and is not only a cost but an investment that avoids disruptions, money loss and further headaches.

Ultimately: GET HELP!! There is nothing more sad than seeing a business ceasing to create value for its customers and its employees because it does not have the right type of IT support or tech assistance at all.